Utah Communication History, an ongoing, multimedia encyclopedia project of students in the Department of Communication at The University of Utah, was created by Dr. Kimberley Mangun in Spring 2010 to give students an opportunity to study the state’s rich history of journalism and communication.

You can find the entries in several ways: Type a student’s name in the search box below; select a semester from the Pages list or from the drop-down box; view categories by clicking the drop-down box or searching the cloud.

For more information about this encyclopedia project, please contact Dr. Kimberley Mangun.

All articles and multimedia items © 2010-2022. You may link to stories and/or multimedia presentations, but please give individuals credit for their work.

The students would like to thank Dale Larsen, Luise Poulton, Alison Elbrader, Alyson Mower, Lorraine Crouse, Sara Davis, and the J. Willard Marriott Library Special Collections Department for its assistance with this project.

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